sexta-feira, 30 de maio de 2014

From Mischief comes "The Silver Chain" by Primula Bond

From the first word I realized that this book was going to mess with my mind and in it's dark spiral world would make me sometimes stop to get my breath back.
This author writes in a way, graphic and detailed, that the reader just has to sit, open the book and fly with it.

I'm starting where all things should start, at the beginning.
Serena's recount of her teenage years and most recent break up set the mood, an individual desire of just running away towards the big city, London. A desire to live her dreams, flying solo and exploring another reality that in her mind can only be made alone. Of course she realizes that what she lived in the past was good and finding her way through the troubled times of teenage hood, becoming sexually active, the joy of pride and accomplishment was all due to the help of her childhood sweetheart.
But people change and what continues to be good for one sometimes is not good for another. While one walks, the other has to fly away and grow up. I'm not being selfish, it's just the way life is.

The characters created out of a magnificent mind deliver a story that falls into a great romance where fate intervenes healing two wounded pasts and making them one, linking them together for the ride of their life.
Serena is all bravery, an entrepreneur of life, skillful in her art, beauty in her vision, love in her heart.
Gustav Levi is someone that is running from a harmful devil that crawls in the shadow of his life, past, present and now after I've read the first book, maybe his future ?
How will this regret unfold and how will this love story work out, I'm all full of questions ...

Now the details that I loved in this book and didn't find in other books that I've read before.
The descriptive element that characterize every word and together with the beautiful places that the story visits and re-visits in Serena's art make this an attractive and unforgettable love.
Sexually speaking this love is hot. Bordering some subjects that may be considered taboo, voyeurism, punishment, pleasure through pain, raging sex when fury enters the picture but all of this is combined with a skill that the author creates through words and actions that entices the reader further and further into the story.

Beautifully written, a great love story, two wonderful and engaging characters and a dark twist that sets the pace, this book is a great find for those that always look for something unique and new to freshen up the incredible mind of an addict reader.

From Cecilia Scott comes "HIM"

"I slept with a man I'd known for less than an hour.It wouldn't have been the first time nor the last."

If your looking for something different, something to take you into a roller coaster ride, a passion without limits, than this is it, this is your book.
Written in the first person, this story sinks beneath your skin, an intimate tale to hear in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night.

After having slept with a stranger, our lady becomes attached to HIM and from there forward her life is controlled by HIM.
Full of passion and very steamy sex, her days are filled with a never ending yearning for his touch and presence but as they walk through the stages of control and new experiences the sorrow of being at his mercy starts to beat up a heart that held promise of a true relationship.
Will HIM control her and keep her ?

Ms. Scott wrote a fabulous book taking us on a journey to hell and back.
With beautiful quotes that accompanies us through out the book, we get a hot detailed relationship of a woman on the verge of going over the cliff, boarding the depths of obsession and grief and heartache for a man that reigns in sex and control.

"So what was a nice woman like myself doing having sex with a stranger ?"

For those that understand that sometimes we find in life what we're not looking for but get it anyway, "HIM" is an example of what not to take up even if it feels so good ....