domingo, 6 de setembro de 2015

Free today on Amazon - Tracie Peterson

So, good morning, here a beautiful day in Lisbon, even though I can feel September settling in.
Now, if you're in the mood to just relax and read a Sunday romance, nothing better than logging into Amazon and choosing this particular book, why ?

Because when Sunday kicks in, there's a letting go of your troubles and a looking forward to the new week ahead, the sense that it can all start again, a new beginning of the continuing journey to be better and to do better.

This book is all about new beginnings and falling in love all over again, putting behind you what is bad and looking forward to what life has to offer, some good stuff for a change.
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Newly widowed Lydia Sellers discovers that through an unforeseen fluke, she is the sole recipient of her husband's fortune. But instead of granting her security, it only causes strife as her adult stepchildren battle to regain the inheritance for themselves. Lydia, longing to put the memories of her painful marriage behind her, determines to travel to Alaska to join her aunt.

Lydia's arrival in Sitka, however, brings two things she didn't expect. One is the acquaintance of Kjell Bjorklund, the handsome owner of the sawmill. Second is the discovery that she is pregnant with her dead husband's child. What will this mean for her budding relationship with Kjell? And what lengths will her stepchildren go to reclaim their father's fortune? Lydia soon finds her life--and that of her child's--on the line.