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Another one...

The Man Within (Breeds, #2)The Man Within by Lora Leigh

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ms. Leigh brings us in this book the story of Taber and Roni. Taber has protected Roni since she was a child, has felt that pull towards her when she turned into a teenager and finally the time came that as a woman, he marked her as his without knowing it.

On the other hand, Roni has always looked up to Taber as a replacement of a father figure and later on as a man who burned her mind with sinful images, her dream come true would be Taber to see her in the same way as she sees him.

But, with the world knowing about the Breeds and the discovery of mating heat, the stakes are raised high and danger is just around the corner.

Taber and Roni will have to make it through all the craziness and deceivement that will endanger their feelings and their lives.

What I liked about the story...

The book has a beginning, middle and end. I like it when I read a book and the story follows a common thread that I can track and not get lost in the middle of it.

Loved Taber, the non existing doubt when he realizes that Roni is his woman and the courage that takes to lead on to an action without having second thoughts. Of course I'd love Taber because he is hot!

In a certain amount of appreciation I also admire Roni for her courage to try to live aside of her father's life and try to make something worth out of her own life. It is a trait that I think all woman should have in her, that's what makes us one of a kind.

The love scenes...

Are HOT! Ms. Leigh's books aren't for the weak of heart, they are for those that appreciate a passion beyond time, with a lot of touching and possession of the soul. I always get a smile on my face when I finish a book or go through it again, it's a pleasure to always return to a world of never ending love.

And what I also recognize is the power to read and picture the action in front of me without being shocked by it. The love scenes are always anticipated with a story and not thrown in without coherence, they're also not a distraction from the main plot of the story but always a part of it.

What I didn't like ...

This one is not my favorite one but I have to agree that I don't find any faults in it.

And with a little taste of loving I leave you with this knowing that for those who enjoy it, it won't be enough...

“I love your taste.” She moved back from the erotic, mind-destroying movements of his cock pressing

into her sex. “So wild and untamed. Can I tame you, Taber?”

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