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" The Blue Rose " A.M. Helen

Melissa Medina desperately needs this job to get the bills payed, now that her mom is sick again. Even though she is a fighter, she also knows that she was a victim in the past, but after raising herself from scratch she is not giving up now.

Alexander Kane has always believed that his father's money was cursed and that his life was to be lived in the limit, most importantly to be lived without love.
He has a past filled with bitterness, addictions, and heartache but when he sets eyes on Melissa he starts believing that it is possible to love and be loved, ultimately to have a true family.

Can this two lost souls overcome grief, deception and evil ?

Get in this wild ride and hold on because you will be swept away and in the end you'll be crying for more.

So, I wasn't expecting to be carried away by Melissa and Kane, I never saw it coming but loved the roller coaster ride from the first to the last page.

Melissa was the perfect insecure and kick ass girl that fights her ghosts with all her might.
The character was believable, well integrated in the plot and insecure enough to lead to a rising full grown woman with a loving heart, knowing her place to be beside a man she knows will break every barrier she has put up against the world.
There were times I wished she would cut some slack concerning Kane, be more aware of gossip and recognizing that it was all lies but I hope she will get there.

Now Kane is a different story, all together I believe that he might be a "real" man, always with a goal on his mind, knowing what he should go for and staying away from what he knows is destructive and useless.
The fact that the author leads us into a story of love at first sight, a millionaire that obsesses over a wounded girl, is not new, but what is refreshing is the balance between the dominating personality and the love that Kane puts in the relationship.

Other then the lovebirds, you'll find a set of interesting characters, from friends and family to villeins that I could eat their hearts out and I'm truly waiting for the outcome to be just that, justice.

Sometimes you'll find that maybe it happens all too fast and that the writing is rushed, leaping from one moment to another but that's a minor damage when you're already into the action and turning the page to find out what's coming next.

Overall I enjoyed this couple and loved this first book but let me inform you that you'll have to wait for another one coming soon .... I hope !
This romance is in my opinion for mature audiences but what made me give a five star on Netgalley is the fact that A.M. Helen knew how to work the "hot" scenes and make them part of  a hole creating a true love story with enough suspense to keep you going and with this I wait impatiently for the next book.

Publisher: Troubador Publishing -
Release date: February 1, 2015

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