domingo, 10 de outubro de 2010

About Books

Dear all,

In this space of time that I've been away I read the following books:

" The Raven Prince " Elizabeth Hoyt
" Mackenzie's Mountain " Linda Howard
" The Warlord wants Forever " Kresley Cole

Loved this three books for three different reasons which are...

For " The Raven Prince " from Elisabeth Hoyt, I loved the book for it's spirited characters and for showing that love will teach you to overcome all the obstacles. It was the first book that I read of Ms. Hoyt  and for shure I'll be coming back for more.

In " Mackenzie's Mountain ",I learned that even the most reserved and simple women can fight against prejudice and small-minded people.

In " The Warlord wants Forever " from Kresley Cole, I met the most wonderful and tortured vampire, a very sexy and bad vampire. Will definitly be reading Immortals after Dark.

If you pass by and have already read one or all this books or haven't read any of them, make a comment on them and share your opinions with me.

Till the next time, have a good weekend.

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