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Goodreads review - The Dark Prince from Michelle M. Pillow

The Dark Prince (Dragon Lords, #3)The Dark Prince by Michelle M. Pillow

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this book for the "Wrath's Challenge", for my J.R. Group and chose it randomly.
Thought about giving myself the chance to into a futuristic world where we traveled to other planets, and there would be a number of infinite places to travel through the universe.
I have to tell you that I'm not a big fan of sci-fi but if we don't give ourselfs the chance, we will never know if we like it or not.

Moving on, the title sugested to me some kind of dragon shifter, a warrior, and so again, moving on, we meet Yusef of Draig, one of the four princes of the planet Qurilixen, where they have the shortest courtship between man and woman.
On the sole night of the year, it is held the Breeding Festival, a ritual to choose a wife among the women that come through the "Galaxy Brides Corporation".
After being chased by the authorities and attacked by bounty hunters, Olena Leyton, one of the best space pirates in history, see's her chance to flea and lay low for a while, embarquing on the spaceship and becoming a bride for men in barbarian planets in need of women. What she doesn't expect is for this barbarian to a very sexy and handsome Dragon shifter, that claims her from the begining and brakes through all of her barriers.

I've read some of the reviews at Goodreads and through out the net and I agree when they say that the story is a very "thin" and simple one.
But what I really have to point out is that the author brought out the best in the main characters and allied their personal characteristics to the intense felings to one another, making the best of this rather limited story.

Olena is a bit tough and sissy one for my taste, but taking on what she went through in the past, I guess we will have to understand it.
About the infatuation and the sex scenes, I think that they were well written, with a begining, middle and end, balancing wisely with the perspective that Yusef acomplishes to bare Olena's soul and makes her accept the gift of giving for "no one had ever treated her like she was delicate, like she was a real woman".

For all that I've stated above, I was not disappointed and had a good time reading this one.
If you go for hot, sexy scenes, this one will keep you coming back for more.

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