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Goodreads review - Evermore by Alyson Noel

Evermore (The Immortals, #1)Evermore by Alyson Noel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ever is a 16 year old girl that looses her family in a car crash and after a near death experience, has the ability to see people's auras, hear their thoughts, and finally know their life story through touch.
She often separates her life in two parts: before the accident, when she was just a normal teenager, and after the accident, being a so called freak.
Things get more and more confusing when she meets Damen, a gorgeous, rich and independent boy, that she becames drawn to from the begining.
Ever realizes that he has many secrets but above all, he is the only one that can silence people's voices and thought's in her head, giving her the sense of peace and normality that she so much misses.
Is Damen light or darkness ?
Who and what is Ever ?

Through the eyes of Ever, this book turns out to be a novelty in the Paranormal genre, touching other ideias that we haven't yet heard so much of such as alchemy, life after death, and other physical dimensions.
So, this first point gets an A in my notebook. I always value the capacity of the imagination and the talent to find new ways to enchant us all with stories that can touch our hearts.

The next fact that drawned me in was the fact of Ever seeing her dead sister and the relationship that is developed throughout the book. The perception and the grief that she will never be a teenager, never grow up, living in between "this world" and "the other", alone, sacrificing her parents companionship for her sister, so that she wouldn't be alone.
In the end, Ever let's go of her sister because in the end we all have our own way to follow.

Alyson Noel was a very talented writer concearning my third point: Ever and Damen's relationship.
We are drawn into Ever's feelings, their almost going forward on a physical level, but at the same time, never giving in, always with the knowledge of the strong and indestructible love that they feel towards each other, a love that has lasted throught the years.
They are two tortured souls, never going forward, loosing themselfs and finding themselfs together over and over again.

And finaly, the breakup and the revelation factor, that enlightens our minds, and from this point on I couldn't put down my book until I found everything.
What she was, what he was, how could this be, how much was it worth it, how much does he love her, can she be without him, will they make it...Wow...

When I finished the book I realized that, sometimes, I'll remember this story, for it's inteligence to teach us that sometimes life can change from one second to another, sometimes it's a good change and sometimes it's not, but we, as humans know that we have to go along with it and make it the best we can.

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