sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

Blood Bound by Rachel Vincent

Rachel Vincent is a reference in Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy known by all Paranormal lovers and doesn't need an introduction for anyone, but in my case, this was the first time that I picked up a book by this author. I was expectant to say the least, wanting to understand why this book would "rock my boat" and make me run to the rest of her works. Well, it really was a pleasant surprise when I finished the book and was left wanting more. Now for the story ... The first thing I have to point out is the whole environment in which this story takes place. This would be a city that I would find exciting and at the same time, dangerous, but worth knowing, at least once in my life, to live an adventure, a roller coaster, shared with the element that I find attracting - shadows and nighgt. Reading the first pages, I knew that Ms. Vincent had created a "dark noir" set, beautifully written and achieved. The next element that pleased me was the "mob" element. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan but when inserted in a dark story like this one and with this characters, it's for me the cherry on top of the cake. Now for the thread that glued the book to me .... the fast paced action, the roller coaster ride, the never ending action and the loss of time to rest your eyes of the pages of the book. This was a very well written and weaved plot, finalizing in a very good story. The characters : Liv Warren is a woman that I would have liked to meet. Strong and vulnerable, passionate and loyal, doing what has to be done, knowing very wisely to stand down the occasion calls to it and never accepting defeat, that's who our heroin is. Cam Caballero is a hunk of a man and one that obviously I wouldn't mind to meet. He is possessive of the woman he loves, knowing when to push forward and above all human, because we all make mistakes in our lives and life should let us redeem at least some of them. The relationship between Liv and Cam was one that got me thinking that probably it would have been better to tell the truth than running away from fate. Liv made the mistake of leaving him without an explanation and Cam made the mistake of being weak and losing himself in the moment. I think their even. Who I really loved and thought that was very well characterized was our villain. I almost liked him you know, and one of the things that I find in this good books is to see a character in front of me like a real man and not someone in the pages of a book. The author pulled it off, congratulations. Now, when all of this is said what are you waiting to pick up this good book and read it ?

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