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Thea Harrison Dragon Bound

Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1)Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bare in mind that this one goes to my favorites shelf, it's up for a read, re-read, a million times, over and over. This said let's move on.

Thea Harrison drove me into an amazing world where humans lived side by side with Wyr, fairies, vampires, and where old magic exists with modernity, computers, big cities, borders to magic kingdoms ....
From the first page that I read, I couldn't put down the book, I just wanted more and more .... and as usual, after the last page, in the days that followed I would go back to this registry of amazing make up believe tale.
I found a solution of course, I moved on to the second book, solved problem.

Pia has lived all her life with her mother, hiding among humans, in their world and always having in mind that she has to go on un-announced, always being careful not to be noticed. She really doesn't know why but she trusts her mother's words.
When her mother dies, she starts to crack up and feels lonely, she is not cut to live alone without someone to bring her some love and some comfort.
The problem is that people aren't always what they seem and she get's blackmailed to steal property that belongs to Dragos, Lord of the Wyr. What a mess ....
When he comes after her she runs, but will she turn her back on the one thing she's been searching for ?

How I liked our heroin, Pia turned out to be a delightful character, with all the girly stuff mixed up with a resourceful mind and big heart.
She really tries to live day by day with the thought of "it's going to be a good day", but circumstances of life and her choices do not help.
Her adventure really kicks off when Dragos goes after her, when she realizes that the beast has a heart, a heart that could be humanized and loved. The courage that takes to tame this beast is what got me hooked in their relationship, the fact that with her everything is pure and sane.

Now, I must tell you, Dragos, our dragon, is a beast I wouldn't mind taming anytime of the day, even though I have my doubts that I would achieve that task.
From the beginning of time, he has roamed this world and evolved with it. He was considered a beast and has Lord of the Wir, he is powerful, ruthless, territorial and selfish.
But Pia fulfills his heart and without a doubt, again, she is such a wonderful brave "thing". It's hard for him to understand that women have a hole different mind and need warmth in their hearts, but he will take the step to understand and make it happen.

The other characters were interesting and the ambiance in which all of it happen, ties up with a million possibilities to other stories down the road.

What I most liked about M. Harrison's writing was the way the Other territories were described, with a perfection that were almost scenic and the attacks and escapes helped to make a perfect thread from beginning to end.

By this time, I'm already done with the second book and moving on.

I'm a dedicated fan, what can I say ....

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