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I'm "Burning Up", an Anthologie

In "Burning Up" we have a very good start with "Whisper of Sin".

The story is set in Chinatown and we have the story of Emmett and Ria.
Ria comes from a traditional family and is attacked by order of a gang because her family denied to pay "protection".
Emmett is part of the Dark River pack and is a leopard. He almost instantly recognizes Ria as his mate and from that moment on the game starts.
Between leading with Ria's family and wining her over to him the bad guys are taken down and we have a happy ending.

I pretty much enjoyed this story and got me wondering why I never read the Psy-Changeling Series or anything from this author. She won me over and I'm a fan.

What I really enjoyed from this story :

1) Emmett - I'm a sucker for a big, bad macho that loves his woman and protects her from the ugliness of life.
2) Ria - I love a woman that can face up the challenge of taking on her family and fighting for the man she loves. Shows character, perseverance, and wise knowledge. Love it when that woman can pull this through without hurting those she loves and doing it quietly right under their noses.
3) Emmett and Ria lovemaking - I do love a good attraction and when that infatuation turns into a good "rub" and winds up into a hot "fight" between the sheets or anywhere else, you got me. We can't forget that Emmett is a big wild cat and Ria is a little, but very smart woman who knows how to take care of the big bad cat, so ....
4)Short story - Even though this is into an Anthologie and is a short story, in the end I didn't get that feeling that things rushed out a little or that the development of the story got cut in short, so this was a goog thing.

I will take up on this series from the start and enjoy this beautiful Psy-Changeling, and when I get here, I'll probably re-read Ria's and Emmett's story with pleasure.

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