quinta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2013

The great town of Delite, Texas

After having an abusing childhood at the hands of her family and an abusing relationship at the hands of a man that had no kindness and love in his soul, Susan escapes and with her cousins, they manage to raise a life for themselves at Dixie Chix.
Never trusting any man and managing to never let her guard down she carries on without love, mostly running away from the affection from the sheriff and his brother Monte.

BJ and Monte have been swept away since the first time they saw Susan, but after having tried to convince her that they would make the perfect threesome, she runs.

Can they convince and show Susan that they are destined to be together ?
And when danger nears, are they able to save the woman they love and want to keep ?

This is the first book from the "The Sinful 7 of Delight" and was the first book that I read from this author.
I have always loved this small town "loves" with some new relationships to think about and dwell in my mind. This book has all the ingredients that make this small book (107 pages, read it in about 2H) a pearl from beginning to end.

It has two alpha males, it has a "southern belle" ready to swipe them off their feet, it has a bad guy, it has a dark past and a bright future, it has ... a hot loving between the sheets, but what I most liked is the way the story was told.
Simple and constructively, the story flows through the pages without being too complicated or too shocking when it comes to sex.
Everything is in the right measure.

For a refreshing read and few hours of relaxation from real life, read this book, you won't regret it.

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