sexta-feira, 11 de janeiro de 2013

The " Twilight " Effect

So let's talk about Twilight .... again. I'm not going after all this time to review a book that every young, single, married, mother .... whatever, has read and reviewed, but I still have some ideas about it that I never wrote and no better time like this Friday to put out this words.

Twilight was my first "bridge" to vampire romance and the return to reading daily several genres of books. My love for other worlds beyond the pages was always an addiction and this book hit the target.

So about Bella, she was to me a very grown up character and very well created heroin. With her soft, quiet personality, she is the image that simple is beautiful.

 Edward was the prince charming that everyone dreamed of at that age. Protective and dangerous, a vampire should you imagine, that falls hopelessly in love with a weak mortal woman.

This two along with the feelings that words can take effect on readers along this ride created a recipe for success that took over the world by storm and entered in our tv and movie screens to always remember love.

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