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The Sinful 7 of Delite "Double Inferno"

Even though this books have small stories, they are such goodies that I can't just get enough.

 The town of Delite, Texas is such a free minded town, without any mind judgement and prejudice, that I wouldn't mind getting on a plane and running away to it.
I think that what I most like in this books is the lack of prejudice from the society and that's why this place comes from the mind and imagination of someone that writes stories for us daydreamers.

In this book, we are going to find a step further into the sex drive of this men that inhabit this town, the BDSM elements that are so appealing to alpha men and in a measure to us women that find that a little control and kinkiness is good in the "sack".

The dixie chic we have in this book is Paula.
After having an abusive relationship in the past, she has reservations in getting involved in another relationship, especially when it comes
to Matt and Tyler.
Rumor has it that they're Doms and after having been hurt, Paula is in no way open to risk another heartache.

Matt and Tyler are hard, dominating men, and they had they're eye on Paula for a while.
Tyler thinks that she's too young and probably is not what they're looking for but Matt doesn't think so, he thinks that his brother is already over his head and his heart is already fallen for this dixie chic.

When Paula begins to receive letters from a stalker and is put in danger, the men enter in protection gear and together protect the woman they love.

Paula is a woman that could be like any one of us if we had that bad experience.
The fear that she feels is real and I do understand why she has ran away from this two men, it's not a fact that she's young but yes, the fact that probably she will be in over her head, or should I say over her bed.
My pull towards this character was a positive one, she was real, balanced and at the same time bold.

Now, the two hot heads, Matt and Tyler.
Matt is the sweet and hot, always the understanding one. It could be our best friend or confidante, but when it comes to making love, his needs are real and demanding, so .... read the book girls, you'll like it.
Tyler is the boss or should I say, is the one that we would
droll and not over but pretend that we're not looking. His way is harsh
and not very nice most of the time but when the mask comes off, well he's a honey.
When this two come together, sexually speaking, the heat is on.

Again, we find that the story is balanced between the relationship, the sex and the action, that pushes you to keep turning the pages until the end.

As I already said, I love this books and love this series. I want more!

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