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An Introduction - Joelle Charbonneau "The Testing Guide"

A brand new world is arriving and I can't wait to clime aboard this trip ...

To step into this ride just follow the link and download today the free ePrequel to "The Testing" :

So, from NetGalley I've received to read "The Testing" and before I get into it I made my research to know what it was all about.
I must say that I was impressed with great presentation on the author's page and that was half way to rise my curiosity. I first downloaded the prequel and really got sucked into the story, she writes beautifully expressing the characters feelings like a true master.

This short prequel introduces us to the main character and comes with the first three chapters of the book. I haven't read them because I'll read it as a whole and then understand in a global point of view the plot and it's twists.

The author has given us an amazing new world that without a doubt will put our fantasize minds to the test, a test of it's own.
So you already know what to do, read the prequel, buy the book and keep on asking for more, and in the end you will also get to know it on film. Yes, the rights were acquired by Paramount Pictures.

One thing I'll tell you, this prequel is interesting and addicting, the feel of this new world around it's main characters is well weaved and the author deserves to see her writing blow up in success because she does it like a pro.

There are many hours of enjoyment for me coming and I can't wait to dive into this trilogy.
Follow the links bellow for more info:

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