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NetGalley - "Three Stages of Love: Attraction" by T.C. Anthony

Acquired through NetGalley

Author: T.C. Anthony
Published March 1st 2013 by CreateSpace

I started out reading this trilogy through NetGalley and got hold of the second book. I haven't read the first book but gave a try anyway.
From page one I didn't put it down until I was finished.

This relationship isn't all about passion, sex, lust or love. It's much more than that, it touch's other aspects of the human behavior while it's confronted with grief and loss, betrayal and the overwhelming feelings of loneliness.

Evangeline is a woman filled with grief, a dark pain that surrounds her soul and the only way she can fight the feeling of emptiness is through pain. Shocking to the core, the author had the ability of writing the scenes through perfection and really the fact that people might try this to forget their pain is beyond me, I really felt for this woman, good job M. Anthony.

As the pieces are picked up along the way and Alexander try's to move forward with Evangeline I realized this books were much different from the other erotica series that I've been reading. The story evolves with aspects that we are faced in real life, shallow people, betrayal, selfishness, love, understanding and forgiveness. They are all too many words for a book that speaks it's own mind and is unique in this genre.

Alexander is also a character that I grew fond of. Not being an expert in all the Dominant/Submissive lifestyle, he tries to understand he's partner's needs, the heart as well as the mind, in bed, in their own house and in between the relationships that come along the social life outside each other.

What marks this couple is the great love that they feel for each other and the will to be together after all.

To those that want to start reading this trilogy I recommend that they start with the first book. I've already got it and read it, loved it and the review will be coming shortly.

Another great mind to join the others that I've already met through NetGalley and I'm hoping the author will give me a chance to read the final book. I can't wait...

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