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NetGalley - Nemesis Unlimited #1 "Sweet Revenge" by Zoe Archer

Author: Zoe Archer
From St. Martin's Paperbacks
Published: June 4th., 2013


After the years of imprisonment Jack Dalton is nothing but an automated man without any humanity and all he thinks about is getting revenge from the evil that took his sister's life.
When he get's news that his most hated enemy is in town he arranges a way to escape and finally get his revenge.
But things aren't always what they seem and when he finds out that there is hope beyond revenge, will he take a leap of faith and save himself or will he only see deception or revenge ?

Zoe Archer is what I think a perfect creator of characters, tortured heroes and  scenarios that come out of ancient times that have marked history, in this case England in her most dark beauty and shadows.
Who doesn't love a good robin hood story combined with the methods of the greatest detective that lived: Sherlock Holmes ...

This book started out being a refreshing surprise to me, a story theme that I've never had read before, with surprising scenarios and twists that leave you panting for more, a beautiful city, dark in all it's glory, with no main border between the poor and the rich, your fate decided at birth.

Between Jack and Eva confidence, or the lack of it, is probably the main and first link between them. The lack of confidence that Jack feels and the belief that Eva has in Jack turn their feelings into something more than just a mere professional relationship.
The growing of confidence that Jack feels influence a physical attraction to turning into a deep long lasting relationship.
They are two characters that accompany us through out the book and are both the trigger for the plot that we follow closely.

I can't leave out Simon, a character with an amount of mystery that grows through out the story and keeps us waiting for the second book.
I personally can't wait for it and hope that light will be shed on the reasons of why and how he came into Nemesis.

If you're looking for adventure, a bit of passionate romance and retribution for the villain, this is the book for you.
It's an historical romance out of the ordinary, away from the glamour of the rich and influential, away from the flashing balls and beautiful dresses, and into the dark of the streets, the poor, the homeless, and like saviors, human compassion is here at it's best.

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