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Review - Midnight Breed #1 "Kiss of Midnight" by Lara Adrian

Talking about being in the wrong place at the wrong time or maybe not ... After all, from one disaster comes what is meant to be.
When Gabrielle witnesses the brutal attack on a human she never would have guessed that it would be a life changing moment and the needles would set track for a trip into a dark world full of dangers, decisions and an undeniable passion that would mark her forever.
Lucan, on the other hand, never thought that after his long life, he would have to wrestle his feelings and put all at stake to keep a woman by his side and turning his world around to be with the one that is his only reason to exist.

Vampires are my favorite supernatural creatures that I choose first when I read paranormal and after having become addicted to J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series I've read and visited various worlds where vampires live. I've gone and fell in love with the beautiful creature that author's words describe and their macho, alpha, passionate loving and their fierce combative skills that win all the evil villains they face.

When I read "Edge of Dawn" for NetGalley, I realized that I was missing out on an ancient world that had come before and after I've finished it I got my sights on starting the series from book one and enjoying another ride in one of the most acclaimed author around.

I've found that with time this genre is beautiful and unique because of all it's world building factors, usually dark and dangerous, they arouse our senses and get us running, page after page with the fabulous characters we find along the way.
M. Adrian kicks off this series with what I call "a gold mine", something rich that can bring you all the riches in a book and keep you coming back for more. She created with her rich imagination a world I enjoyed and experienced through her most able writing, action at every corner and twists along the way, and a most sexy hero, vampire, and a strong kick ass heroine.

Lucan and Gabrielle couldn't make a better couple. He runs from blood lust, trying to be what his kind needs and protect his people, so here there's character and spirit of sacrifice.
Gabrielle is a woman out of her skin, not quite belonging to the human world but trying to fit in a life that she created for herself.
Their passion bursts out like fire and again M. Adrian did the best in writing their love story, giving us what we crave, a sexy and intense physical relationship and making our imagination run free.

The little details that are part of the plot and follows the action through out the book spikes our interest and this is one book you will not be able to put down.
When it's over, you'll be ready to jump on the next book and get yourself together for another hard ride. You'll always come back for more.

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