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NetGalley - "The Amish Canning Cookbook" by Georgia Varozza

In the world we live today everything runs by us at the speed of light, some may say that is good, progress and the future are at our reach, but others still hold on to the feeling that we don't have time for what's really important in our lives, call it nostalgia ...
When we walk in the kitchen on a Saturday or a sunny Sunday and think about what sweets we can come up with for the coming week, we think of those early breakfast's before work or school, jam on a hot delicious bread, and if we keep digging in the various courses of the day, we can still think about a million recipes we can come up with.

When the love for cooking grows within us, books like "The Amish Canning Cook" are long life friends that makes us company on those hours that we spend in the kitchen.

From the author Georgia Varozza comes a friend, a companion and a work tool that is indispensable in the kitchen and to those that like to have home made goodies in the fridge.

This book is a complete guide to canning sweets, preserves and other types of food like butters, vegetables, and meats. From a brief history of canning, the author helps you get started with the utensils, the different methods that canning involves, how to adapt your taste and recipes to this very art of simple and cheap living. It surely will help with the house budget.
All the directions are very detailed, one point in favor for me because sometimes the first is not so perfect as it should be.
If you're a starter with canning and had the idea that it was for professionals, loose it and use this book to outrun your fears and get into something that in the end will pleasure your taste and the love for achieving something that you thought was so out of reach.
In the end you will be the loved queen of your household.

This book is a way of going back to the simple life of having time for what really counts and is a must on your favorite cookbooks shelf.
Can you imagine when you open your pantry and see the fabulous goodies in it ... I know you'll be proud and wanting more !


Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Release Date: July 1st., 2013

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