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Review - The Blackstone Affair #3 "Eyes Wide Open"

Eyes Wide Open  (The Blackstone Affair, #3)Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So, as a recent Raine Miller fan, discovering the fabulous Ethan, I did what every reader did on the day this book got out, I got it, I read it, and I loved it.
There's something compelling in this books that leave you in a cliffhanger and that because they are appealing to a romance reader, keep you coming back for more. You get drowned in a story that you run to know more and are always compelled to read and read ...

This is the final clash between Ethan and Brynne and the most important one in their lives.
After having walked so far together, can they make it and stay together ?

Interesting question when all that is hazardous and bad happens to them.
Can we readers see a light at the end of the tunnel or will we be in the dark, "crying" over a so fabulous story that went sour ?
No, my friends, this author does not let us down. There's a roller-coaster of emotions that flow through words of underlined reassurances that above all, Brynne and Ethan do work out their differences and learn to open up their feelings to each other, even in the eye of madness and chaos surrounding them.

I find it interesting that I began the first book seeing Ethan as a controlling and alpha man and now I get that he is only a passionate, protecting and human man that the only thing he wants is Brynne.
He as evolved and matured as a character, from someone that has a kink and only wants the superficial connection to his one night stands to someone that likes to control in bed but learns to respect and recognize the other half's space and needs.

Brynne, on the other hand, started out being an american girl in love with the "big bad wolf" to a brave, grown up woman, accepting responsibility for the feelings that her heart speak and moving forward from grief and pain to love and trust. I think her biggest issue was trust and Ethan did a magnificent job at breaking her barriers.

This is also the proof that a romance novel can be action packed, it keeps you focused always waiting for another twist in the story.
The main threat continues until it is annihilated and ended and the author made a great job continuing the story line through the third book.

Now I'm hungry for more, more character's story from this book, and I would love to read more about Ethan and Brynne's friends and universe, what do you say Ms. Miller, can you give us more ?

If you haven't picked up this trilogy, please do, if you didn't read the third book in the Blackstone Affair, what are you waiting for ?  

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