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NetGalley - "Amish Cooks Across America - Recipes and Traditions from Maine to Montana"

In my dreams I have a not big but a beautiful functional kitchen where I indulge in one of my most adored pleasures - cooking.
In my perfect kitchen I have a space for my most lovable cooking books and in my favorite shelve I have this perfect and beautiful book of a traditional culture that are called the Amish.
This is the feeling that this book brought out in my mind and after having made my first impression through the  hole book, I went back to the first page and the journey began.

This book is all about culture, it is about a journey through landscapes and fields that make you want to grab a backpack and just go.
It is a discovery after another, the photographs are simply stunning, it's structure is uncomplicated and the recipes are to die for.

The book is divided by chapters concerning the various settlements located in the East, Midwest, South and West. Also you have your guide of metric conversions, (it's always handy for me), and finally the Index.
It's photographs, and I can't say enough, are full-color and fits perfectly between the pages, either if it's about the landscape, the people, or the food.
There's also information about the many settlements around the amazing U.S.A. and many things to learn about the history and the tradition of the various recipes.

Now, really, about the food, you have Homemade Maple Cream, Blueberry Cake, Wheat Bread, and then from the Midwest you have Delicious Apple Cake, and I could go on and on but I'd prefer to leave that up to you readers.
This book is probably get a pound or two on my kids but they will go crazy with the sweets that I'll be making up for the afternoon lunch at weekends.

Dear reader's please order the book because you won't regret it, it's a family book for everyone that loves to cook and sit around the kitchen table savoring the sweet love that flows around you all.

Below follow the link to order on Amazon :

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