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Review - Bayou Heat #1 " Raphael/Parish " from Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

Raphael/Parish (Bayou Heat, #1-2)Raphael/Parish by Alexandra Ivy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This time around Alexandra Ivy takes us to meet the mystical race of the Pantera, the puma shifters, living down in Louisiana, and almost brought down to extinction.
In this new series written together with Laura Wright, we find that the infinite imagination and skill of this two authors never fail to bring us the best alpha's or the most exciting nights spent between the arms of this men. Danger is just around the corner and we are taken into another dimension that never fails to amuse my thirst for reading.

Raphael has devoted his life in serving the best he can his people as a diplomat for the Pantera. Extinction of his race is coming fast and he must find a solution.
But when he meets Ashe he knows that his single days are over and she is the one that he will take as his mate.
When danger comes and the bad guys start hunting down Ashe, Raphael must save the woman he loves and save his future child because a miracle has just happen and no harm must come to them.

I expected nothing else but perfection in this story, everything was in place, the characters were believable and well written and of course the bed burned up the room.
I truly liked the world that was created and the bad guys leave us hanging for more to come, I wonder what they want ...

Raphael was truly a hero, a good man giving in to the sole purpose of loving Ashe and taking care of them.
Ashe was in the end the tortured spit fire female, with a sorrowed background and above all a fighter, such a good pair for Raphael.

Now, about Parish ... I so love a wounded man, a dark soul, it's in my blood.

Parish is the leader of the Pantera, living in the Midlands and rarely living his magical home. He despises the humans and makes an effort not to have to cross his path with them.
But now, with the birth of Raphael's child he must travel to New Orleans and find a human doctor that can assist Ashe.
When he finds Julia Cabot he knows that she must come with him and be his woman, his mate.
Will he have the inner strength and patience to convince her to stay with him and will she make the decision to stay or walk away and start a new life away from the Midlands ?

Parish was so much more than Raphael, so different and had such an appeal to me. He is the truly tortured hero, the one that for some reason that I'm not telling, read the book, is dark and lonely, hard and unforgiving, until Julia arrives in his life and makes him want to love somebody and be part of something beautiful.

Julia is the perfect lady, hurt from a loveless relationship, and rapidly coming to a crossroad in her life, only to choose another road, one that is not so rocky from the previous one.
When she finds Parish she understands that before him nothing mattered and that she is unable to leave this man. Even though she is afraid and uncertain she struggles to understand and make the right choices for herself. I really loved Julia as a character and because she had character and love to spread around to those surrounding her.

The ending of Parish's story kind of leaves you hanging on the cliff and I so loved this option that the author's gave us. It makes us reader's to keep up our reading and wanting more.

My thoughts about this first book in the series are bring on the next one fast, I will enjoy it.

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