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Review - " Wild Child " by Shelley Munro

Zoë Underwood and Matt Cantrell were crazy about each other since the first moment that Zoe's mother and Matt's father married. Even though it was complicated and they were not really brother and sister, the attraction never faulted to be there between them.
Matt managed to put a sea between them but Zoe followed her heart and chased Matt, loosing the man she loved was not on her plans.
But when their relationship comes out into the spotlight, will they be strong enough to stick together and fight the prejudice of those around them ...

So, this is a short story and I really didn't know what to expect from it. It's based on the concept of step sister/brother relationship and the prejudice that society inflicts on family relationship's. This story had a lot to give but it was short handed by it's length and by the fact that the action was rushed in the ending.

Matt seemed to me like an honest man that took it's actions from what he thought was the right thing to do, run away and forget the "wild child" that lived in his mind and in his heart. I liked him and even though he faltered there for a moment, he always played fair with Zoe.

Zoe on the other hand was a not so a grown up woman but to me, a little childish in fact, I think she still thought that Matt was one of her boyfriends and not the man she wanted to marry.
She does have my sympathy for going after the man she loved and being blunt and forward in the sheets but overall I found her lacking of something I quite can't put my finger on.

I liked this story, I liked their fun, sensuous loving, but here also I could see that Zoe was not ready to take on a man like Matt. So much she has to learn ...

I would recommend this novella to people that like to read romance without much drama and fun "play" between the sheets.

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