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Review - "All Inn" by Raine Miller

The Blackstone Affair Part 2

Raine Miller Romance

ARC provided by NetGalley

What It's All About ...

After Ethan broken Brynne's trust, alone and afraid to have lost the woman he loves, he finds that he's unwilling to live without her and by all means he has to get her back.
Their passion breaks all boundaries and soon they are back together, now without any lies between them, but danger is following behind Brynne and he will do everything to protect the woman he loves, he's All Inn on it.

When I started this series I thought that this story would be like many others, two people falling in love, a story with a great passion, a beautiful dominating alpha male, whatever, just another book following the trail of today's hottest erotica trends.
Now I see how mistaken I was because M. Miller wrote her story in a way that the reader gets sucked in the moment he turns the first chapter and there's no turning back. When you think it's slowing down, there you go again up the roller-coaster, what a ride.

And So It Starts ...

"My hand throbbed along with my heartbeat. All I could do was breathe at the now sealed doors of the lift that was taking her away from me."

And here we go .... Part 2 picks up Ethan and Brynne angry and separated, fact that leaves Ethan crazy, out of his mind. He picks up a bottle, runs to Dad, and pours out his heart in a confessional tone.
Ethan is a character so well elaborated and touching the extreme, so strong most of the time and so weak without Brynne, but always putting his heart out and going not the half way but all the way towards Brynne.
His desperation is a real pain that we feel through his words and what comes to mind is probably what I felt when he states ... "My Brynne had left me for the second time. The first time she did it in stealth in the middle of the night because she was terrorized by a bad dream. This time she just turned and walked away from me without looking back. I could see it in her face, and it wasn't fear that made her leave. It was utter devastation at the betrayal to find I had kept the truth from her. I had broken her trust. I'd wagered too high and lost." ... pain in my heart for this man, so sad. Really, M. Miller created the perfect man.

There are certain details that struck me as simply beautiful in this coming day and age, the letter that Ethan writes is in the least a declaration of love and the most sign that he belongs to her, showing the confidence that all can be worked out with trust and communication.
I loved how Raine Miller shows us that all is acceptable when coming to our hearts desire.

After a period of loneliness Brynne comes to her senses and accepting the white flag of peace she shows that she's also lost without Ethan. For some strong character she possesses, the weak spots shine out with her uncertainties and fears. In my opinion, she leans on to Ethan and overcomes the "ghosts" with the knowledge that he will protect her and take care of everything.
This book is all about the coming together of wills and heart, the acceptance that lies won't do, to move forward together, overcome the troubles and hang on for the drive.

Now, the chemistry between Ethan and Brynne is hotter than ever and here I think M. Miller did a fine job.
Sometimes the words used to describe an extreme sex scene doesn't sound good and instead of picturing a beautiful thing, it simply feels wrong. Here it was not the case, far from it.
The words were sometimes naughty, shocking but well spoken in the moment, and all had a right feeling to it.

Down the road comes trouble and again we're left hanging on a cliff, promises of more things to come and the author is doing a fine job with this three books, I'm just starving for the next one, check out the cover,

and if you haven't yet read The Blackstone Affair, you're missing out !

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