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NetGalley - "A Venetian Affair" by Dana Mitchell

Publisher: Penguin Books Australia                                                

Destiny Romance
Release Date: March 15th, 2013
ARC acquired through NetGalley

Always cool and reserved, Helene Stoddart, masks herself and has the time of her life in Venice. When a beautiful stranger saves her from a bad mugging, they spend the night together and on the next morning she vanishes.
Gabriel Venier has returned to Australia but he has not forgotten the night in Venice with the beautiful stranger. He has to find her because there's a piece of him that stayed with her.
When Gabriel and Helene meet and he finds out that she is the one that spent the night with him, he is stunned.
But he will do anything in his power to get her back, even if he has to blackmail her into his bed.

Debut author, Dana Mitchell is a true romance storyteller, someone that involves the reader from page one into the story, giving details to our imagination to run free and travel to the most mystical and wonderful places in the world, like Venice and falling in love with the most interesting heroes, like Gabriel.
She also gives in to create a heroine that lives up to the saying that woman are power and almighty, take Helene for example, her icing and cold exterior, strength, and her hidden vulnerabilities and grief, cast away from probing eyes and especially Gabriel.

The story takes us into the world of high corporate finance and wealth.
In this world what meets the eye is not always what it seems and sometimes living in it can be a cruel fate.
Only someone like Helene could do it, probably because she has more high standards than most of the people that live in it.

How I loathed Gabriel by the middle of the book but after his bold move to blackmail her, I kept on watch to see the moment that he would realize what an ass his been.
Even though, he knows that something is wrong he doesn't make a move to understand the reason and when he does, I clapped my hands in contentment ... Finally the man see's the light!

The other character's in the story complemented with perfection it's pace, Gabriel's family were better and down to earth, more than him, and the details were well introduced and in it's right time.

If you do love romance and a perfect couple with bumps along the way, this is the book for you, it was for me.
I loved the book and the author can tell me a story anytime.

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