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"The Secret Sex Lives of Wanda Mitty" by Felix Baron

Author: Felix Baron

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, Avon  Mischief Books

Publication Date: March, 27 2013

ARC acquired through NetGalley

Wanda is a passionate, young lady, that for family reasons and traditions is having an arranged marriage with the fabulous, good looking, Henry.
Always having to be cautious about her sexuality and her desires, the only way she can outrun her mother's prying eyes is when she let's her mind run free and fantasize about what she really craves ... dominance and pleasure all in one package.

When real life and her fantasies blur into something that she can't control anymore, will she find a way to tame her desires or will Henry give her what she needs ? 

I'm so split in half by this book, really cut in half by it ... On one side I understand Wanda's need to get away from the duty imposed to her by her mother, the need to run free in her mind and give in to her fantasies, but on the other side I don't understand that in this day and age, there are still arranged marriages and girls giving up their lives and their sexuality in prol of tradition and parents wishes.
Don't get me wrong, I know this is a work of fiction but I tend to try to understand from where this came from and the why's, I really dwell on the books I read.

Wanda really struck me as someone that liked to be controlled, I could find no other reason for her going along with her mother's wishes. Then I started having the idea that she was some kind of gold digger, marrying for money and social position.
Really, what I came up with was Wanda liked to be controlled and she really had a problem about fantasizing all the time. She was empty to me, without character or will.
But, Felix Baron did give me some insight on what this story was all about, voyeurism, forbidden fantasies considered tabu by major society and a really huge need to step out of boundaries and follow the dark road to oblivion.

I really disliked her mother and I really didn't care much for Henry, he neglected her all the time, but because it was an arranged marriage I didn't give it much thought.
What I really would have liked was to read more about Wanda and Henry together, interacting more with each other and I was left with the feeling that the book was cut short.

Overall I liked the book and I'm following up with the other books from M. Baron. Let's see what are her books all about.

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