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Maya Banks "Rush"

Rush (Breathless, #1)Rush by Maya Banks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Breathless Trilogy tells us the story of three friends that bonded as teenagers and linked their lives for the future, today we find them well established in life, wealthy and sexually evolved into three dominant, alpha males.

In "Rush" we get the story of Gabe Hamilton and Mia Crestwell.

Mia Crestwell is Jace's younger sister and 14 years younger than Gabe. Her teenage fantasy used to be Gabe. Her grown woman fantasy is still Gabe and she wonders if she will ever get over this man.
But as fate helps and Gabe takes a step forward, Mia jumps at the opportunity of fulfilling her most forbidden fantasies with the one man that she never forgot.

Gabe Hamilton has had enough of relationships and after his divorce nothing like a contract to lay things clean with no entanglements. But when he sees Mia he knows his in trouble and even if he can't afford all the trouble that can appear, he can't turn away from the one woman that drives him out of his mind.

So, my heart is divided in two because this book is really my thing but the new perspective that this relationship's take in the story's are really strong and heavy, I get breathless, literally, my feelings get conflicted.

Mia was so sweet, a good sister, a good friend, and a good woman where Gabe is concerned. She jumped into the black void, turning her most wanted wish into reality, to me that was a huge demonstration of strength and courage. I don't know if I would jump at it, not on this conditions involving the contract.
She is the kind of character that I love, heart warming and having a lot of love to give, to her family and to her lover, also to all of those who surround her.

Gabe is a another story ...
Being ruled by his sexual drive and by his bitterness on love, he is a man that money made him have all that he wants, bought or not, power made him cold and detached from almost everybody but his close friends  and his parents.
Even though he still has it in him to love, especially concerning Mia, he really fights it all the way through. What a complicated man, sometimes lovable and sometimes such an ass!
I'm glad that the walls come tumbling down and in the end he becomes a prince charming and getting his act together, otherwise I could beat him away and give him a piece of my mind.

Now, M. Banks gives us fans and first time readers, a story that can break our hearts, warm our nights, and keeps us on our toes all the way to the end.
I so loved this book and looking forward to reading "Fever", not expecting the same line of story, but certain that a whole new set of concepts will flow through my fiction mind and turn into something to think about.
She is a perfect character builder, turning fictional characters into temporary "real" people.

I have to tell you that I really didn't know what I was getting into when I started this book but I'm glad I read it and really glad that it was a great book to have by when I get a Gabe hangover ...

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