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Author Highlight: Shawntelle Madison

NetGalley is really a marvelous thing for me. As an avid reader, mostly touching an addiction, quite not so organized in my TBR list, I usually go with the flow and my favorite past time is to roam around to find new authors to read.
Now, NetGalley does this for me presenting an never ending choice of people that are so talented and providing me with new visions of authors that I can relate to.

This brings me to today's post about Shawntelle  Madison.
I had never heard of this author even if she is part of Goodreads, so I read "Bitten by Deceit" with no idea of what it could bring or add anything to this sort of genre. Well, after all the shape-shifter's story's I've read, this one was a breath of fresh air to me.
Caught up in witches, heartbreak, deceptiveness, a hot wolf and it's mate, she gave me ride that I loved while it lasted.

Shawntelle Madison is a wonderful storyteller, in fiction you have to be inventive, she is. This girl can write.

I've been researching for other books from her, to catch up to so follow the links and discover another author you can write down on your Favorite Author's List.

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