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Review - "Bitten by Deceit" by Shawntelle Madison

Bitten By Deceit by Shawntelle Madison
My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Alpha wolf Emma Parker is loyal to a fault, even if it means losing the love of her life when he’s ousted from the pack. She’s never stopped needing him, and when a black witch curses the pack, she wonders if she’ll even survive. It’s a poison of the blood, and with each bite, the virus spreads, leaving the infected rabid and under the control of an evil Alpha.

Kyle Benton is starting over. He’s a lone wolf, betrayed by the only woman he’s ever loved. Until Emma barges back into his life, as gorgeous and determined as ever. He’s hell bent on resisting her, or at least making her suffer. But she needs him in a way that touches him to his very soul. Now he has to determine how to set her free, and if he can, how he can ever let her go.

You can find all the right ingredients to satisfy your reading and find a very sexy wolf and a heroin that knows how to say I'm sorry.

From the start, my curiosity was driven, and page after page I discovered that sometimes choices have to be made, even if those choices hurt you and someone else, higher priorities get in the way and life isn't perfect after all.

The chemistry between Kyle and Emma is still there and they have to overcome the sorrow of being split apart by the villain.
Trust is an element that takes priority in this story and as it progresses turns into something that never went away ... love.

There's the villains that come hand in hand with the payback and they appear just in the right time, with a balance to everything that is going on, never out of place.

For a short story, this book has everything it should have, a beginning, middle and end, a pace that is set from the start always rising until it reaches it's pick and an ending that is very satisfying.

ARC acquired through NetGalley

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