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"Beyond the Wall" Exploring George R.R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire

I'm a fantasy lover but my biggest sin is to not yet have read any of George R.R. Martins works. Unbelievable, I know, unforgivable, I also know that.
But through NetGalley I found the chance to be introduced to this author's books from the eyes of people that know what to say when it comes to writing fantasy and perhaps give some light into my unforgiving "ignorance" on this great author's books.

"Beyond the Wall" was elaborated by James Lowder and had the participation of people that are master at what they do, they are for us, that always want to know more, light in a dark room.
It's divided into various parts and each of them is written by one person. I don't really know what I was expecting but I got positively impressed.

From R.A. Salvatore comes Foreword, with an easy speech the words analyze the question that is frequently asked, why fantasy and what are the various opinions of who defend that fantasy is just fantasy or the ones like me defend that fantasy is food for the mind.
One phrase striked out to me to be the reason that I love fantasy so much and like other fantasy authors, George R.R. Martin tells stories that feel "like we were sitting around a campfire on a dark winter's night, whispering of adventure.".

Following comes one of my favorite explanations for the success of this author, the Romanticism that we catch in so many parts and chapters, that leaves us wanting more and coming back to the nostalgia of the old days and the old ways.

This book definitely takes off the legend of George R.R. Martin being cataloged as a genre.
His definition has an author is so much more than a literary genre, he is one of a kind and in his works the fantasy genre takes on a much higher level of fantasy.

"Beyond the Wall" is a must in criticism, understanding and analyses, on the various roads that Mr. Martins works and adaptations take.
For people like me that have missed his books, it was an unique opportunity to understand and be prepared for the reading of such an important work of fantasy and I'm glad that I had this opportunity.

The book has the collaboration of various people that write in an understanding, clear way, where knowledge and simplicity is the word.
I'd recommend it to everyone and anyone that has read George R.R. Martin's works and to those like me that are only starting the fantasy.  

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