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Review - Spirit Wild #1 "Dark Wolf" by Kate Douglas

From author Kate Douglas comes a new series that entails a sexy wolf, a very sexy lady and a magical world filled with magic, love and breathless moments.

Sebastian Xenakis never knew what his mother meant when at her dying moment she pleaded to him to not re-connect with his father. Against her wishes he finds him and starts the road of uncovering who he is and how his magic links into his wolf.
When he meets Lily Cheval he knows he has found his mate, but will he be able to prove that he is not responsible for all the killings going around and most importantly, will Lily stay by his side and love him without any restriction ?

I'm a lover of wolfs, all their sexyness and all that alpha male attitude that comes with the finding of their true mates.
Here, we find two characters that are perfect for each other but due to the circumstances, have to fight their way through the danger and deception. They were effectively well written and page by page the reader get's to know more about who they are and what values they live by.

The secondary characters were also well inserted in the story, each having their place well defined and each having an emotional link to Lily and Sebastian.
The world building was created with a perfect descriptional background, and the author  brings us a story that is fast paced with a touch of mysterie and thriller. To the sound of it this book was almost perfect to me.

Why didn't I give it 5 stars ?
Because as much as I love a good alpha male, powerful and demanding, I also love a woman willing to "obey" and give her pleasure without reservations. I didn't feel that Lily was that woman and as much as I understand that she was an Alpha's daughter, I would have liked to see her more involved with "only" Sebastian and if they had to share their bed, I would have loved to see Sebastian more shure of himself, calling the shots.

Overall I liked this book and it's on my favorites list, so if you love all this ingredients together buy it, read it and get inspired by it.

Publisher: Aphrodisia
Pub. Date: Apr. 30, 2013

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