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"Lush" by Lauren Dane

Author: Lauren Dane
Published: April 2nd. 2013
Publisher: Berkley Trade

Series: Delicious #3

ARC acquired through NetGalley

Mary Whaley has made a successful business in catering and overseeing her supper club. After so much hard work, she has everything she's ever wanted.
But when she meets the very hot, sexy Damien Hurley, the attraction kick's inn and she can't deny herself this sweet treat.
As far as Damien goes, living a hard, fast life is good for now. Living the life of a famous rock star is awesome and he's brothers think so too. But then he meets Mary and suddenly there's nobody else and he can't get by without her.

As love finds it's way into Mary and Damien's heart, things start getting tough and when things get tough, the tough get going ...

I'm such a big fan of Lauren Dane and her books get me in such a good disposition that this one is no different from the other's I've read.
Her character's are always so strong and enticing and the boys are always hot, it's such a pleasure to read something that leaves you with a million ideas that you can practice and make your own way, as I said, it's always a pleasure to read any book like this any day of the week.

Mary is really a down to earth person, she doesn't get caught in Damien's rock star lifestyle but she doesn't run away either. She's different from the other women that Damien is used to and he knows it right away ... smart boy.
She really isn't looking for love but this time around she get's caught in this web and Damien has a little help from his brother's and his mom.

Damien is my kind of a favorite rock star. He's nice, hot and sinful, such a nice guy, and deep down there there's a farm boy hiding inside his soul.
He get's all the credit for pushing Mary to the limit, all the way down, and never giving up on his feelings and on the woman he loves.

This book was a great read, if you love a good romance and hot loving between a couple that burn the sheets pick up this book and you won't regret it.

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