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NetGalley - " To Seek a Master " by Monica Belle

From: Monica Belle

Publisher: Random House UK, Ebury Publishing
                  Black Lace

Pub. Date: April 11th. 2013

ARC acquired through NetGalley

Surrounded by dominating, high powered business people, Laura Irving does her job the best she can and excels in it. Shy Laura lives a life of routine but inside her mind she plays make believe, leading her imagination to create fiction characters from everyday people.
Laura craves dominance from a master, the meaner the better. When one man, the one she craves the most known to her as "The Devil", shows his interest she is terrified but she will not loose this opportunity to learn and belong to someone that can fulfill her most intimate cravings.

At first I didn't identify myself with this character, her life was so boring and the escape she provided for herself  was so unsatisfying to me that I kept reading to see if my mind would be changed.
Then as pages flew by, I got the idea of it all. In the midst of a lonely life, organizing your priorities was necessary. When you live an austere, routine and mind set life, I think it wouldn't be any other way.
Sexually viewing this "desert" and bearing in mind the dominance craving that she needs at a full physical level, the discovery of pain/pleasure experiences is what drives Laura to find out more of all the things that are possible under the hands of a master.

"The Devil" is also a character that we come to know as the true dominant master, always correct and again set to give Laura all that she craves, pleasure, pain, the fulfillment of her dark desires such has the punishments and the rapture and freedom that comes after them. He is truly what she needs.

I liked the pace that the author gave to the book. From the beginning I kept turning the pages to read what happened next, never got bored and opened my mind to this type of erotica, classical all the way, different from what I'm used to reading.

I believe that we should read all types of romance and genres in fiction, it leaves us hanging in the dark out of our comfort zones and possibly finding new authors like M. Belle that keep us coming for more.  

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