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Jeffe Kennedy - Facets of Passion Series "Platinum"

Platinum (Facets of Passion #2)Platinum by Jeffe Kennedy
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After Althea's artistic aspirations having gone down the drain she turned to something that would be connected with her greatest passion, she opened the Althea Grant's Charleston Gallery. Even though the business is not going well she tries to look optimistic.
When bad-boy sculptor Steel walks in her life and rents her basement, everything starts to change for Althea.
His raw art is a fresh breeze into her soft, pastel world, and he is more than welcome to show her that life can be painted in strong, bold colors. Peeling out her layers they will discover together that soft and hard can be a winning equation to happiness.

Boy, did I love this short story. It starts out with an insecure Althea and finishes with strong, secure, and confident Althea. I love it when it goes down like this.

Althea starts out to be an insecure lady, always hearing in her mind "failure" but all she needed was a little push towards jumping the cliff and assuming her life and her desires.
With the bonus of knowing she is Albino, a fact that goes along with her softness, and the taste for coolness and in her ways, we get to know a lady that needs some action in her life. But for that we have Steel.

Steel is a work of art. With a dominating character, he enters in Althea's life and revolutionizes everything by pushing her further and further into the fire. Should I say "burn, baby burn", How I love this guys, he could rent my basement anytime ...

Their relationship starts out to be a loose thing of the moment but as the story moves forward, it becomes serious and the connection created by their sexual adventures turns into something more serious.
When Steel reaches the point of no return, he sexes up the moment and invades for good Althea's heart.

This was the first read for M. Kennedy's books but I'll be looking forward to reading more from her. She has a particular way with writing the main characters, enthralling them in the story, and giving us some good, hot moments, and in the end we want more.

Jeffe Kennedy is also the author of "Sapphire", book one in the series Facets of Passion.


Published February 25th 2013 by Carina Press
ARC acquired through NetGalley for an honest review

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