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"Beautiful Bastard" by Christina Lauren

Bennett Ryan is Chloe Mills boss and has beautiful and delightful he is to her eyes, he also is unconsidered and a rude brute, a beautiful bastard.

But Chloe is stubborn and a professional and he is nothing without her work skills and perhaps some more details concerning what she wears underneath her sexy dresses.

When this two come together and clash, the storm rises up and escalates into something that could probably blow up in their hands.

Will they be death of each other or will they be each others salvation ?
Could it be only lust and punishment or could it be love ?

On this roller coaster ride they will have to find out if they are empty or filled with forever after. 

This book was a roller coaster ride, up and down, till you got dizzy, stopped and got moving again.
Even though this is the story of two different people growing up on their own feelings, from lust to respect, from hate to love, this book is so much more about feelings that common people have but don't work out.

This story screams sex all over it, at least until the middle of the book and from there on it screams love, growth towards themselves and towards each other, and to the end compromise into a relationship between two people that to the core are so alike.

To talk about Bennett is to talk about Chloe and the other way around.
This two characters are entwined and can not be mentioned one without the other. As Chloe is hard working and stubborn, Bennett is independent and has a vision for himself that doesn't pass by growing professionally at the cost of his father's empire. Both of them risk everything when it comes to their hearts and their desires and one thing is common to both of them, the meaning of "You are mine".
Whether if it's because of lust, control, or love, Bennett and Chloe belong to each other.

This book could have gone wrong and it could have been without sense and only something between two people having sex but the author had also a vision of writing two points of view from two people that make one story and she has won the goal that she has out to achieve.

Next up is "Beautiful Stranger" and I'm waiting for another book to entertain my reader but also something to think about because we all find ourselves in crossroads but do we take the risk or do we loose the ride ...

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