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NetGalley - "Out of the Shadows and into the Darkness" by Senta Holland

This was definitively an eye opener for me, yes, it's one thing to read all the beautiful stories that come out of the Erotica genre and all the BDSM lifestyle that I read in fiction, but to read such a "real" testimony of someone that actually walks through this lifestyle and embraces it as a personal choice for her life is another.
The road is long, a self discovery of who we are and what we want, what we feel comfortable with and what  we have to sacrifice to achieve the state of freedom that this particular road leads to.

This book brings us the experience of one woman towards the bonds of society, through her voice she tells her story ...
Her story of the scars that she bears underneath her skin from the rejection of those around her, to the pleasure of being beaten, the glory of pain and through pain, the road to pleasure.
She brings us the loneliness of the waiting in another culture where everything is so fast and opposite to what we are accustomed to, the heat, the freedom of our skin wet under a rainy and blazing sky that can eat you up hole.
The wetness of her body and the joy of submitting without boundaries, the darkness, a lonely but delightful darkness, a place where she meets her soul and the love of her life, her master.

This book is written in a poetic and beautiful manner, you could almost smell the air, feel the heat, and really, I got so caught in the story that sometimes I had to stop and pull away from the story because it literally sucked me in.
It's not common for me to go back to the last page so I could understand better what was on the next one, but here, with the fast paced speech, I wanted to be shure that I understood, that I would follow the next step and not get lost in her feelings.
This was a first for me, reading something told in a solo voice and I step up to the last page with a better knowledge of the role of a submissive and what a woman wants and has to endure at the hands of her master.

M. Holland wrote a fantastic book, one of a kind, so different from what I expected but so much better than so many others out there.
It's a book about what pleases us, it's a book about choices and it makes us think and reflect on our "wants" that so when we take the step forward we know where we're going ... into the darkness, I hope.

It is one of his kind and it is going in my physical shelf of the favorites.  

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