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"Naked" by Raine Miller

Nowadays there is a lot of new authors venturing in this new erotica genre and it's been a big leap forward, the erotica genre has evolved and somehow grown up.
I've always been an erotica fan and I've been for a long time. It's always interesting to see what the limit is and what reaction people have when crossing the line to the "dark" side of sexuality.

Now, I'm hooked on this series and to tell you more, my only words are ... I'm a goner for Ethan Blackstone and Brynne is such a lucky girl ...

When successful Ethan Blackstone receives a phone call asking to protect an american student, he's first reaction is to decline. But when he sees her, he's swept away.
He's always been dominant and with that nature it's difficult to fall in love. He wants to keep this woman no matter what and "No" it's not an option.

Brynne Bennett has run away from her damaged past and came to London to start over.
Part-time model, her life is back on track, and things couldn't go better until she meets Ethan. She can't resist him or his dominant character, and in this hurricane, the place to feel safe is by Ethan's side.

When danger invades their life and their scars run too deep, will they be able to overcome the past and rise together stronger ...

This book starts out as a fast paced story, it all happens fast as lightning and we're swept away with Brynne and Ethan, caught up in their embraces and their deep scourging kisses. And then down we go, without expecting to fall, it's a free ride to hurt and desperation.

Brynne is such a strong young woman, after having gone through a nightmare in her youth, she rises up with the help of her father and a few friends to overcome a scar that will never disappear from her soul.
Then comes Ethan and the heat is on, a roller-coaster ride that obliges her to pass from the fears to try to live  and trust someone so confident and so dominant. To find a safe heaven in this hurricane is the main goal, let's see if she makes it.

Ethan is the perfect male character in this kind of romance. Strong, with a character and a dominance that rises goose bumps in your skin, and finally the good looks, boy this man should be real.
The author writes and characterizes to perfection this man. This is what I want in a book, the feeling that all that involves the characters, from the surroundings to the details of their relationship, the words flow like a perfect song that you never get tired of.

The ending leaves you in a cliffhanger, and it's a good thing that I'm already devouring the second book.

If you like a scourging romance, smiling between a page and another, and hot, hot beds or anywhere else for that matter, this is the book for you.


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