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"Loving an Ugly Beast" by Danielle Monsch

I needed some fresh air from what I usually read, I love dark, sexy stories and I don't hide that my favorite genres are PR, Erotica, Romantic Suspense, and some Romance, but sometimes I like to wonder off to other realms.

From the author Danielle Monsch comes a book that in one sentence could be described as " the beauty is in the eye of the beholder". A sweet historic romance set in the country, where tortured souls try to start fresh and have their happily ever afters.

Known as Beast in his village for both his size and multitude of scars, Benton long ago resigned himself to a life without love and was content with his solitary existence, until Nissa entered his life.
Nissa is no beauty, plain, she came to the village three years ago to start a fresh new life. After her friend Benton disappears and a new man arrives at the village, handsome, charming, and with the intent on courting her, the peace she so hard claimed for her life is gone.
A fairy godmother gives Benton his greatest wish, to be a beautiful man and not a beast, and now is the time for Nissa to fall in love with him. But scars are not always visible and the fact that Nissa's past is a tortuous one may it destroy the chance of happiness for both of them ...

Almost like a fairy tail, we're swept away into magic land were fairy godmothers still grant wishes to those that have a troubled soul and help them find their true love.
The main characters are two troubled souls, with scars sometimes visible, sometimes not, but filled with kindness and love for each other.

Benton is susceptible to what others around him think and Nissa is wary of people who are beautiful because beauty can only bring pain and sorrow.
I loved Benton's character and the way he developed through out the story, always having Nissa's back and safety in mind.
On the other hand, Nissa was the sweetest woman, passionate, strong, brave, and never giving up on Benton.

This one is quicky but for a short story very satisfying.
The book is for all that love an historical romance with lots of love and enchanted worlds with happy ever afters.

Published on February 14th., 2013 by Romantic Geek Publishing
ARC acquired through NetGalley for an honest review

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