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"Blood Flows Deep in the Empire" by N. Isabelle Blanco

After reading this book I found myself thinking if I liked the story all together and the perfect parts prevailed or if the facts that I didn't like would stand out as I was writing this review molding my opinion in a direction that I don't usually take, because in every book the point of view of the author and it's creative process is individual and unique. We may not agree or think that the story doesn't push all our buttons but besides this there's always something good to focus on.

So, bearing this in mind, here I go.

Dyletri, known for being God of Fertility, has locked away his powers due to the death of his lover.
In order to get her back, Dyletri makes a deal with the fates ... he will sacrifice a life so that the life of his lover could be spared.

The sacrifice is a human girl called Ismini.
When she reaches eighteen, she must be sacrificed to the fates and all will be good and leveled with the Universe.
But, what if Ismini burns Dyletri alive and completes him like no other has so far. If she is his mate, how can he sacrifice her and loose his heart and soul in the process ?

First our main characters, Dyletri and Ismini, I liked them both but in my opinion, they had some flaws that now, a few days later after having read the book, I realize can be overcame with the next installment of the series.

Dyletri is a big guy but for my taste he complains too much and his decisions are not taken with enough strength. He runs too much from the obvisious and he doesn't face up to the challenge of his feelings.
He is a good fighter, a loyal friend, but he lacks power of resolution. Good for him that in the end the fates are with him and he eventually get's the girl.

Ismini starts out to be a good, normal girl, but lacking strength and turns out in the end to be a kicking heroin overshadowing Dyletry.
I got the idea in the beginning that she was just another girl living her life in a big city and then all changes and  
she rises up to be strong, passing through physical pain to the point of fighting side by side with the other warriors.
She doesn't run away from her heart but she does accept her destiny with simplicity and resignation. There are some contradictions here.

There are a full number of characters that are part of the story and that I'm shure will have their story told because it's all set as part of a purpose, part of a higher goal. They are interesting with a healthy dynamics but I do wish that Ismini's friends will be less uncomplaining and more of heart warriors trying to make ends meet.
I'm also waiting to read more about the underworld and know a little bit more about the bad guys.
This story was too centered in Dyletry and Ismini trying or thinking to try to find another way of being together and the others around them were just there and not expanded equally in the book.

The story pleased me enough to take on the next story and hoping to find more pleasure in reading the following one.
The next book is set to 2014 so until then ...

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