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"Owned by the Dom" Part 1 by Sam Crescent

Owned By The Dom: Part One (The Owners, #3)Owned By The Dom: Part One by Sam Crescent
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For James Castleden his true nature was to be dominant and his woman to be submissive.
Even though he hasn't found the woman that will take his heart and make him a "owner", his life is full filled with his club and his friends.
When the sister of an old girlfriend comes back around his world is turned around and he is stunned to realize that she's the one.
But when she's the only one that he can't have, will he be able to stick by his word and his promise ...

Prudence Star has always felt for James Castleden but has her sister's boyfriend, she's always kept her distance.
But now, a full grown desire has awakened and she will take no for an answer.
Will James resist her and is she willing to give up the only man that has touched her heart ?

From book one I've been literally hooked on this series and I've noticed that Sam Crescent has been rising up the stakes in the direction that the story takes. The curve is rising and now it's literally on fire.

James is the perfect "owner" and the perfect dominant man pictured as successful and rich, there would be no point in not getting everything he wants would it ?
Wow, there should be more of James around that's what I tell you. Perfectly characterized and written, this character pulls you inside out.

Prudence is in my opinion the perfect match for James.
Knowing what goes on in the club and what kind of man that she wants, she never gives up on James even when he pushes her away.
I like female characters that fight for what they want and get it so Prudence is my kind of girl.

I really loved this book, James and Prudence were a perfect match, the sex was hot, everything was balanced between relationship and the side story of Dominic and woman trafficking, the suspense is killing me and I can't wait for part two.

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