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"Slow Burn" by Anne Marsh

This is the second book in the Smoke Jumpers series and the first one that I read from Anne Marsh.
Evan is my kind of hero, silent, sensuous and hot, all a girl could ask for. Faye is my kind of woman ... adventurous and strong, taking in her desires and accepting that we all have to live a little, second chances are just around the corner and all we have to do is take them.

The story revolves around Evan Donovan, smoke jumper and Faye Duncan a photographer, that after her divorce decides to buy the car of her dreams and hit the road, find some fun and as I said live a little.
But between a call from a war friend to check up on his ex wife and an arsonist on the loose, Evan meets the woman that will steal his heart and own him for a lifetime.

Faye Duncan has always been a good girl but now she feels that her life is in a crossroad and now is the time to live and risk on a new path. What she wasn't expecting was to find Evan and love again.
Can she risk her heart again and trust this smoking hot, brooding and sexy smoke jumper ...

I'm going to start by the cover. For all to see is this hot hot burning cover that was so well chosen and fits perfectly in this story. Loved it !

I liked the flow of the words, the relationship between the characters and the glimpses of other connections between the the other characters.
The story was balanced between the awakening of Evan and Faye to each other, the search for the arsonist and the hot hot encounters between the main characters.

If you like a good exciting romance, filled with sexy characters and some suspense this is the book for you and could be read as a stand alone. It's coming out on the 26th. of March and I thank NetGalley that made possible for me to get it and review it before it was out. 

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