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Nora Roberts - The Queen of Romance

Dance Upon the Air (Three Sisters Island, #1)Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“I really enjoyed this book. I love it when a book reminds me of what I forget in our everyday life and has a background lesson to be learned.

This said here goes a short description of the book...
Nora Roberts introduces readers to the idyllic town of Three Sisters Island.
Reputedly conjured by a trio of sisters seeking to escape the Salem witch-hunts, the island remains a place of quiet refuge for one and all, including pretty Nell Channing who arrives in town afraid of her own shadow, with few possessions and no past. But the warm, sunny days and cool, windswept nights, as well as the loving concern of new friends--especially hunky sheriff Zack Todd--soon lure skittish Nell into a much-welcome fresh life. Nell's new boss, the captivatingly lovely bookstore owner Mia Devlin wonders from what or whom Nell is running. Mia treats Nell as she would a sister, which isn't too far off the mark, helping Nell discover and explore her inner resources while Zack's romantic attentions bring a rosy glow to Nell's cheeks and to her future. But something wicked this way comes… Will Nell be ready to face and conquer her past? Even with the love and support of Mia, Zack, and Zack's fellow police officer, his peppery, down-to-earth sister Ripley, Nell has the fight of her life--the fight for her life--on her hands.

Nell is the woman that we all want to be. She has the will to take her life back from the hands of her "psycho" prince charming, the will and the courage to die and be reborn into a brand new woman with a hole new life, reinventing herself and reconstructing the pieces that were shatered along the way.
I think that we all want a prince charming, someone that picks us up from our feet and offer us the everlasting happy end. But not all that shines is gold, is it?
Nell stands against a battle to finally win over fear and transforming it into freedom.

Our hero Zack is also worth the fight, a pacient man, trustworthy, and the perfect partner for our heroin.
Love does happen and sometimes you do recognize your other half, you have to take the risk.

This first book coach's us for the next two with Ripley and Mia
playing a secondary but important role in Nell's life.

The big picture is that this is a very satisfying read, with a strong plot, that leaves you reconsidering that if our life was lived in a simplyer way we would be a lot happier.

Bring on the next two ! ”

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