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"Edge of Dawn" by Lara Adrian

Lara Adrian is known by all of us for her bestselling Midnight Breed Series but my fault, this is the first time that I read any of M. Adrian's books. I'll tell you it was not a waste of time, another series that I have to catch up to.

Twenty years have passed since mankind learned that vampires among them but the coexisting between the two is still hard and fueled with mistrust and fear. But the only thin line that tries to hold the fragile alliance is the Order, dedicated to protect humans as well as vampires.

In this thin line walks Mira. Having been raised among the order she fights and believes in everything they defend. But her life is about to be shattered when the one she loved and believed dead reappears in her life and to make the matter worst he is believed to be leading the enemy.

Kellan has always loved Mira but after the explosion and the news of his death, he thought that their paths would never cross again.
When he re-encounters Mira, in a special Ops, he is a shattered man because he knows that she will never forgive him for his actions.

But there is always a second chance around the corner and will this two be together after all ?

As I said earlier, this was the first introduction to this series and to this author so I'm putting a head start in what I liked the most.
For starters I loved the world she created, dark and dangerous, wild and filled with excitement, on one side the vampires on the other the humans. It's this world building that keeps me coming back to the Paranormal and when it's well written, I'm hooked.
The speed of the story is fast, a thing I enjoy because it keeps me on my toes to move on to the next page and know what is the next surprise. The suspense in the novel building up so you never know when it's going to explode.
And finally the romance, intense and breath taking, always a great passion larger than life, with characters that bring water to my mouth. The heat between the sheets is always something that I enjoy also, keeps me fanning for some cooler thoughts.

I enjoyed the main characters, Mira and Kellan, as well as the others, the old and the new, but I couldn't relate so well with them. Maybe it's because I haven't read the earlier books so I'll just follow up with the series.

If you enjoy a fast paced romance and want to spend your free hours with something to fill your mind with a new world, dark and fun, this is the book for you.

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