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NetGalley - "Claiming Lauren" by Emily Ryan-Davis

Claiming Lauren (eXclave, #1)Claiming Lauren by Emily Ryan-Davis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lauren Brant is a perfect lady in the eyes of society but inside her world she is an unhappy woman with a fake marriage. As a business arrangement she lives her life alone away from her husband, each having their own personal life.
With too much time on her hands, Lauren goes online and enters the world of BDSM, starting to chat to a man with the name "Master".
When she agrees to meet him he asks for her to tell her husband.
As she get's the nerve to confess that she is going to meet a man and that she's into the BDSM lifestyle, he runs from her and leaves.
Will her husband accept that his wife has a personal life or will he want to be her master?

Lauren is a brave girl, not at the start but as I turned the page I got to find a balanced, calm woman, running after her own dark desires and getting her personal satisfaction. I also found a sad woman, living away from the man she loved and resenting the little time that he gives her.
I loved how she blossomed into the woman she wanted to be and how her relationship worked out in the end.

Jacob was a cold, senseless man, such a heart breaker and so into his own world that he doesn't see what's around him. I really don't know if he was worth the chance that Lauren gave him ...

I loved this short story, it had everything to be a great fiction novel and it left me wanting more, wanting more of Lauren and Jacob, wanting to know what came next and not only the happily ever after.
The author gave us all the elements in a good love intrigue BDSM style love story, gave us some hot couple sex and more of it, and gave us the illusion of love conquers broken hearts and heals them.

I hope that in the future M. Ryan-Davis gives us more of this stories and I surely will be available to read them.

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