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NetGalley - "Talking Dirty with the CEO" by Jackie Ashender

ARC acquired through NetGalley

Publisher: Entangled Publishing LLC
Author: Jackie Ashenden

Published May, 13 2013

(from Goodreads):

Gadget journalist Christie St. John is more geek than chic. But when research for an article she has to write on online dating leads to the bed of the hottest guy she’s ever met, she knows that if the geek is to keep the hottie CEO, she’s going to have to come out of her digital shell. Tech mogul Joseph Ashton never expected an Internet blind date to end in the best sex of his life. Yet as the chemistry between him and Christie burns out of control, he can't help but think this woman is out for his money like all the rest. She claims she wants his heart instead – but that’s the one thing he can never give.

Such a refreshing story this was, funny, geeky, passionate and rewarding.
I really didn't know what to expect, I've read the story line and liked the sound of it, but never in my wildest dreams I would have thought that it was with an online chat room that this romance would start.

This book grabbed me from the start and the more I read it, the more I wanted to read. It was full of up's and down's, the more Christie ran the more I wanted her to stop and as close as Joseph got to the true attraction in his heart, the true feeling that he never admitted till a point he had to step down and surrender, the more I cheered for both of them.

Christie was a character that I understood well. Her loneliness, her fear of loving and not being loved, the rejection of those close to her and her indecision in seeing herself in hole new light, were all symptoms of someone that really needed help to rise above her lonely life and move forward with confidence.
She was a great partner to Joseph and I loved every moment that she kept me company while I was reading the book.

Now Joseph was a present that I unwrapped page by page, a billionaire with a lack of personal life, a lifestyle based on a no commitment basis, it should be hard to live alone your whole life and never really connecting with anybody.
His health condition turned me moody and the fact that his past was tragic broke my heart.
But when he meets Christie another man comes out of the box, and boy what a man that is.

Christie's and Joseph's love is hot, a passion burning in the night and the sex was so delicious, hot hot, their connection had a lightning effect, a light that made me smile all the way to the end.
Even when the road had a down turn between them I never took it against Joseph and knew that he couldn't make it without her.

So, for wraps, in a few words read this book.
It's a wonderful romance and a great author, you won't regret it.

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