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NetGalley - Review - "Come and Get It" by Keira Cole

ARC acquired through NetGalley

Author: Keira Cole

Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Pub Date: May 22 2013

Sexy Dixie Rose Bonifay has sunk her roots deep in the Texas hill country she calls home. Having dedicated her life to the one thing she loves most—cooking—she’s built her own successful mobile food business catering to the construction workers in the area, and she’s stirring up the appetite of every man around, in more ways than one.

When smug California architect Quin Halladay comes to town, he sets his sights on Dixie’s ranchland—and on Dixie herself. Confident and charming, he can’t wait to bed the alluring Dixie and add yet another notch to his bedpost. What Quin doesn’t realize is that Dixie can match wits with him every step of the way, and before Quin knows it the Texas beauty has turned the tables on him and he can’t get her out of his head.

As the two get down to business in a romantic Texas two-step, it’s a battle of wills and wits between small-town smarts and big-city arrogance. And with all the local men circling their wagons to protect the woman they’ve come to love and respect, Quin will have to prove himself and choose between the city life he knows and the Texas rose he’s come to love.

I love a good small town romance and when the location is the sweet south everything is sweeter. I haven't read a small town romance in a while and this novella hit my soft spot.
If you're looking for a romance where opposites attract, a meddling family in your personal life and good friends that only want what's best for you than this is your book.

Keira Cole brings us Dixie Rose Bonifay, a beautiful, heart warming lady, courageous and bold, very free spirit and unafraid of taking risks to get what she desires.
This character is the example that we all should face our problems and struggles in real life head on, yes I know, in the fictional world is easier than in the real world, but we should get some ideas when they are presented to us in our favorite past times and adapt ourselves to change.

Now, Quin was the city boy, charming and really smug, he knew what he wanted and he got what he needed, or should I say, more then he could shew.
I liked this city boy soon to be a real man of the South. I think he was mature enough to follow up on his mistakes, take bravely the consequences of his actions and fight for our girl.
The one quality that I most liked in him was that he could separate shallow people and an empty life from a full loving and purpose full existence, the ability to adapt to a new reality and to risk his heart at a true love.

By now you're thinking that I'm in love with this two, I am, and that's the sign that the author made a good job writing down this story.
As a hole, the book is consistent with a novella but in the end we are not rushed or deceived by it's ending. We want more and it will come, but the words flow naturally to the last page, there are no gaps and our desire is to read more of the Bonifay family, knowing it will probably be better and fun.

I can't go away without mentioning the relationship between Rose and Quin.
I loved that sleeping with someone that you barely knew wasn't awkward, it was the will of two people that were attracted to each other to be together, in the end it turned out to be love, but even if they had gone their own way, the story would have pleased me. I prefer a happy ending though ...
The bedroom was on fire and when this two got together a volcano erupted, so be warned outside or inside, the rule is to burn.

I love it when I end a review where everything that I value in a romance book is there and I, again, recommend to all romance lovers this short but sweet story.

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