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"Leather Bound" by Shanna Germain

Leather BoundLeather Bound by Shanna Germain
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I believe that a smart and especially nowadays 21st. century woman can distance herself from love, guarding her soul from heartbreak, and recognize lust as a way of feeling in the gaps of loveless love life.
One can interact with lust, choosing the freedom of enjoying our pleasures without having to risk your heart in the process.

Janine has the perfect life.
Her bookstore, "Leather Bound", is coming along, she enjoys her days with her best friend, Lilly, working together, and her nights with Kyle, enjoying lust without the compromise of a relationship.
But when Kyle takes a step forward and asks her to marry him she panics. Off balance, Janine meets Davian and lust kick's inn fullforce, dragging her into pleasures, dark pleasures, that she never knew could move her so deeply.
Will she accomplish a loveless life giving in to lust or will she risk everything to become bound to her heart ...

This book has given me the chance to discover an author that can really write well erotica and sink us in a warm place inside our heads.
The story narrated to us by Janine is overwhelming and pulled my mind to endless questions that I often ask myself. It's dark and sensuous, the characters are fabulously invented, adult and sexy, they are nothing as shallow and empty, they are rich and demand an interested and intelligent reader.

I have to point this out because considering the book as whole we have to praise ...
The Cover is beautiful, sexy, simple and it's half way to want to read the story.
Leather Bound, the fact that it's a bookstore and the elaborated description of it's appearance and feel of old, leather books, the smell of paper, ink and again leather, feels like an element that only enriches the story and just a fix won't do, you'll want to read more about it.
Dark Pleasures, the fact that from trying to find a book that doesn't exist, would come an extreme attraction and a physical relationship that starts out from the head of our characters, turning the sex element as something beautiful, rich and devastating.

Janine was a character that gave us so much of herself, her fears, her victories, her sensuality and all of this was able because of M. Shanna Germain.
The boys were consistent and really just a point to achieve what this book to me was, lust or love, a hard question to answer.

If you think that this is all about sex, you're wrong.
The author will keep you running, turning, and on your toes as the story unfolds. Janine will lead you, page by page, towards discoveries, questions, and uncertainties, the revelation of the body, mind and soul as well as a book that tells you the story of a very intelligent lady, at a time, she can be called Nancy Drew ...

I really liked this book and planning to read more on this author, I do recommend this book, a keeper.

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