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Review - The Owners #4 "Owned by the Dom" Part. 2 by Sam Crescent

Since I've read the first book from this series I've been crazy following the adventures of the owners, devouring the books, one by one, as they come out.
When it came James turn I anticipated a great story and Sam Crescent delivered a great and conflicted relationship. I couldn't have asked for a better thing.

Prue has been taken from him. James will stop at nothing until he gets her back. The odds are stacked against him but he refuses to give up. Prue is his woman and he’ll hurt anyone or anything that gets in his way.
When James saves her, Prue can’t give herself to him. Something has happened during her captivity, and she’s not the same. She demands time. But time isn’t what she needs. Since she’s been gone, James has changed. After talking with a therapist, Prue realizes what she needs and it isn’t the placid man James has become.
Can James be the man she needs or has their affair run its course? James is a possessive man, an owner. There is no chance of him letting Prue go, but can they both survive the fire that their passions create?

In the following of the cliff hanger we finally get James and Prue following their relationship but not everything is right. Prue changes while she's been held in captivity and James back's down from the man he is to become what he thinks Prue needs.

Here, Sam Crescent plays with our anxiety and if you were expecting all the dominating character of James and the submissiveness of Prue, well you are wrong.
What we find is a troubled Prue and a loving James, sacrificing everything he is and all his heart until the woman he loves can find her way into his arms.
The elements and other characters that were introduced in the story made a great love story, not so charged with sex and domination, but more real to me, a couple does go through troubles in their relationship and this couple is no different.

The story of our villains does go on along with the main characters and M. Crescent doesn't let us forget about it.
Now I'm biting my nails for the next installment and again I'm left wondering who will come next and what will our fabulous mastermind come up with to keep us sliding from page to page...

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