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"A Tall, Dark, Cowboy" Mackenzie McKade

A Tall, Dark, CowboyA Tall, Dark, Cowboy by Mackenzie McKade
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Waiting tables in a bar full of no-good cowboys isn't Lacy Mason's idea of fun. But between her daughter's illness, endless doctor bills, and her college tuition, she needs the money. What she could really use is a night of no-holds-barred passion and no-strings-attached sex.

Full-time executive and retired cowboy Wyatt Anderson is drawn to Lacy from the moment he sees her. But she's an enigma. Daring and assured one moment and hesitant the next, it's as if something haunts her. Only willing to give him one night, Lacy clings tightly to her secrets. Unfortunately for her, what Wyatt wants, Wyatt gets. And he definitely wants Lacy!

So, this was a sweet and heart warming story, between two people that down under only want another person to love and fulfill their lives with.
This one comes with a bonus, a child that can challenge a relationship and the pursuit of character to take on such a heavy weight and such a responsibility.

After having read the book, I couldn't stop thinking that this story reminded me of Cinderella, the poor girl that lived abused by her stepsisters and in the end married the prince.

Sometimes life is hard and the circumstances that are presented to us are not so pretty.
Lacy has been through a hard road, alone, raising a sick child, and money-less, but her spirit is of a warrior so she fights. She pushes forward, making her goals verge with the needs of her daughter and fighting for her dreams to come true.

I liked Lacy a lot, she was a combative character never backing down, very well defined in her needs and goals, independent and a hot woman, unashamed of her sexuality.

Wyatt, our cowboy, was the no jerk man, the hot cowboy we all love, a sensitive man, a no beat around the bush guy, he wants, he takes, and when he can't have it all, he'll find a way to get it all. I like it like this.

Wyatt was the guy that was very mature and that was well explained through the story. He was understanding, a true male having all that a woman wants as a companion by her side.

Their encounters were hot. All most like two sides of a coin coming together, all of this was very well written and the thread of the story never got lost in my mind.

If I'd had to have a one night stand with a man, definitively, it would be this cowboy, yes sir!

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