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"Storm's Heart" Thea Harrison

Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2)Storm's Heart by Thea Harrison
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Between the books that I usually read, from the different genres that I choose or am drawn to, there's always one that lingers with me down the road. It's always the one that capture's my heart and always the one that I find more difficult to write my thoughts about.

In "Storm's Heart", the fact that the variant factors of story, characters and an engaging scenery that keeps you on your toes and moving, overwhelm you, I find it difficult to put to words what my thoughts are. That's why I've been sort of neglecting this review, because I have so much to say that I'm not sure that I'm going to do a good job.

Now, with this out of the way ...

Tiago has been a warrior all his life, cold hearted, bruit force, and no patience for worldly matters that concern the issues of the heart. Loyal to his friends and hot headed, everyone knows what to expect from him.

When the dark fey Queen goes missing and is attacked by her own family like all those years ago, it's time for Tiago to step in and save the little devil.

Tricks has been at the safe haven of the Wyr all this years after her uncle murdered her hole family to take the throne.
Now, with the death of the king of dark fey, it's time to step forward and overcome her fears ruling her people and taking down those who have done her so much harm.

What both Tiago and Tricks don't need is an undeniable love that grows between them, and threatens to overwhelm their senses.
Can they achieve to rule a kingdom and save their hearts in the process ?

This book was very, very good. One of my favorites actually.
From Tiago to the Counsil, from death attempts to Tricks little spoiled nothings, all were beautifully written and weaved in a tale that my fingers wouldn't go fast enough turning the pages.

This time I'm going to tell you first what I didn't really, not like, but not liked very much.
I really didn't appreciate so much Tricks and her spoiled attitudes, I understood them, but I don't like spoiled attitudes and all the running from Tiago, what for ? But look at it this way, the fact that she annoyed me and got me sometimes mad is the proof that the book is well written and achieved the objective.

Now, Tiago, that one was  true to himself. Even though this alpha was crazy to have his mate, and found almost overwhelming to be apart from Tricks, he walks the road of love and tries to go half way, so ... good for him.

All the characters worked beautifully together and blended into the fast paced action of the story.

So, because I would be writing all night long about this and that and I would always have something to say, instead, I will say this: read the book or re-read it, doesn't matter, it's a great story, a great love, a great alpha (I want one of these for myself), and on and on I go.

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