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"Hunter's Season" by Thea Harrison

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Xanthe is a royal assassin servicing the dark fey queen and has come home after being sent to America on Tiago's orders to execute a mission.
The problem is her identity has been compromised and she must past on to another position. That position is the personal guard of Queen Niniane.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Riordan is attacked and is left for dead, but as he battles to live, Niniane and Tiago come up with a plan to protect him by sending him to Xanthe's cabin with her, making him disappear into thin air.

The days pass and Xanthe and Riordan are closer than ever, starting to uncover a love so great that no one can tear apart.

Xanthe is the perfect assassin, soundless, perfect in her mask of stillness, but underneath that skin is a woman to be discovered that has always loved Riordan. Being from a different social circle, it wouldn't cross her mind that she would have a chance to be corresponded.
This was the perfect character to play the part in the book of a dark fey, and she is very well made up, as I was reading, I could almost see her standing in the kitchen of her cabin with her long braid, perfect writing skill M.Harrison as always.

Riordan was also very well placed in the hierarchy of the dark fey social scale. All his attitudes screamed nobility and education.
But, he was also so charming and so attractive in his ways of pulling Xanthe to him ...

"I'm falling in love with you, he thought. And damn, it's  a deep, deep fall."
"There is no one else in the world like you."
"I will not run the risk of losing you just after I found you."

And when he lays out his feelings to her we almost can hear the words, "Xanthe, you are the most beautiful surprise in my life. I hardly noticed you at first. You carry the quiet of a river with a still surface that runs deep. I found that the more I looked at you, the more beautiful you become and the more I want you."

For lovers of Thea's series of Elder Races this story is perfectly woven together with the world that she has accustomed us to and is a story not to miss.

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